Anchors Aweigh!

Cheers!I launch you, dear blog, with a virtual bottle of Dom Perignon washing over your bow like a newly christened ship. The Grand Opening! The First Hurrah! Here begins Can Do Kitchen, my venture into culinary guidance. I strike forth on this delicious path with just a well-sharpened kitchen knife and my taste buds to guide me. And you, fair readers, fellow bloggers, chefs old and new, my foot soldiers, to keep me sharp, and plotted on the right course.

I’m very excited!!! Let’s get cooking!


  1. Tule says:

    A toast to your new venture! Next time I roast chicken with lemons in the cavity (I like to get fancy), I shall put potatoes in, and woe betide me if I cut them too small and they turn out like pellets! I may or may not watch the carving video, preferring perhaps to remember my Spanish host mother at the head of the table, deftly carving whatever meat she’d roasted for her Sunday guests, in her forceful way that grew on you. And you, basting that Thanksgiving turkey with Alia.

    In defense of the walnut – have you given it enough of a chance? That time I served you a celery, parmigiano and walnut salad – did the sweetness of the walnut, brought out by the crunch of celery and the bite of lemon juice, not sway you one bit? My erstwhile dislike of beets has gradually given way to a mild-to-medium like.

    Well, it’s past my bedtime, and I’m ready to dream of ships awash with Dom Perignon. Farewell for now and congratulations!

  2. Josie says:

    hooray! now i have to go catch up on what i missed the first couple weeks!

  3. Sara says:

    This is great Audrey! I am officially a “follower”…I had no idea you had this up your sleeve ;)

    Looking forward to seeing (and eating with) you really soon!

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