Out of Order

Can you blame me?

Can you blame me?

As a newbie food blogger, it somehow never occurred to me that what I blog about will be inevitably linked to what I eat in any given week, especially if I want to have accompanying photos and/or do not already have a backlog of recipes and pictures poised for the posting (which I do not…yet). This left me in somewhat of a pickle, because I had put together notes and ideas for the items I wanted to showcase in the Mix-and-Match month of May, and, darnitall if I just didn’t want to make things in that order. I mean, all the main courses in one week? Oy. Now believe you me, I have a sensational mac and cheese recipe on the back burner for you, and a kickin’ chili just waiting to sizzle your taste buds, but, with the sun shining and the days getting longer, all I wanted to do was munch asparagus and gaze lovingly at the tiny sproutlets on my window sill, pushing out of the dirt, growing big and strong for my backyard garden.

And so, in the manner of someone still evolving into a new role, I am slightly altering my previous plan for the month. I intend to bring you a few dishes from each category just as promised, but I’m not going to do it in the format of one week of main dishes, followed by one week of starches, etc. We’re going to do a smattering of this, then a smattering of that, different meal-parts interspersed, and will end up with an excellent arsenal of recipes for you to choose from and make your own. Conveniently, all my recipes on this site are categorized by meal-part, so you can easily sort by main dishes, veggies, starches, desserts, etc.

Now let me get back to my sprout-watching. I kid! Back to the recipe-drawing board.

Cut me a little slack, friends. I’m learning.

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  1. Deirdre says:

    I have a great hamburger bun recipe that you can have if you ever want it. You can use all whole grain or all white flour or a mix of them and it only takes about 40 min start to completion!

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