In Which I Move Across the Country and Make Salmon Cakes

saucyHearken, kind reader, and travel with me back to August 25, the date when I originally penned this post and recipe, but for obvious reasons, am only now put-together enough to bring live.


As it stands now, Can Do Kitchen has no kitchen at all. I packed up my little horseshoe of a cook-space back in Portland, loaded it all into a trailer, hopped in a big red truck with DG and the kitty, and hauled it across This Great Nation. Discoveries of the journey include: Utah is beautiful! You can get a decent bagel in Laramie, Wyoming. Nebraska? Actually sort of hilly. Delicious BBQ joint on Main Street, Wyanet, Illinois. Everywhere you look: corn, corn, corn. Endless rolling acres of corn.

After a remarkably brief hunt for a new place to settle down in our new city, we have signed a lease on a new place with a big, beautiful, yellow kitchen with a brand new gas range, a built-in butcher block, and a magical machine that cleans your dishes for you! There’s a wide yard to the side where I will plant and grow tasty things, and an old apple tree that may bear us some excellent fruit. We move in this weekend, and then the unpacking marathon begins. It’s been a long haul without my cast-iron babies and my blue-rimmed white plates. I’ll canoodle with them soon enough.

In the meantime, there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for me to cook, let alone pen and share recipes, but I was able to elbow in one night at the camp in New Hampshire and take over the cramped cooking quarters to cook up a mess of salmon cakes. The previous night, we had grilled a beautiful fillet of Alaskan salmon, and it was just begging to be repurposed for a second meal. Rather than the usual re-heat and eat, I decided that I wanted to spice things up with these beauties. All of the ingredients herein are everyday items that you would have around the fridge or pantry, and the measurements are but a guide to proportions. As with all CDK recipes, I encourage you to add your own flair. Cayenne! Horseradish! Pine nuts! Red peppers! You are the master.

Attribution: This recipe was built from the foundation of one passed to me by my now-former downstairs neighbor in Portland (*le sigh*), a cooking enthusiast, and dear friend of many years. (Pause for personal shout out — I miss you, Miss J!)

Last but not least, please excuse the quality of photography in this post. I wasn’t working with the best equipment.


  1. Deirdre says:

    Looks yummy! Once I get over my strong adversions and return to being willing to eat fish and beef, I want to try this w/ some canned salmon. I am now 12 wks so I figure I will feel better in a month or so. Like always I love your blog.

  2. Meghan Day says:

    Sounds and looks fantastic. Like your style of writing, too – and how painstaking your instructions are. There is something very comforting about exhaustive directions. So glad to meet you at Kathy’s cookie swap!

  3. I just found your blog and love it! I want to thank you very much for the kind words and link to our webpage!

    Todd and Kelly Peterson

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