Where in the World is Can Do Kitchen?

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Cuban Mix Sandwich

This is not a peach. It is an incredibly delicious Cuban Mix Sandwich with fried plantains and cafe con leche that I had in Key West.

I have a very distinct memory of sitting at my kitchen table in the wee fourth-floor apartment I shared with my roommate in Aix-en-Provence, France. Our tall windows were thrown open and I could see into a kitchen in the building across the narrow street. A warm breeze ruffled the dish towel flung over the oven handle. In my hand: a white peach, fresh from the market milling around in the place below my window. My first white peach, so ripe it nearly burst from my touch. I sat alone there in the kitchen, bit into the fruit, and savored every ray of sunshine in its flesh. So sweet and unresisting to my bite, the juice ran down my elbows and onto the table. It was bliss.

Moments like these are snapshots from my life when food has shaped an experience and enriched my sense of time and place. I have relished many, many culinary moments in my travels, whether it be a tearing into a mysterious purple mangosteen in a back alleyway in Thailand or slurping matzo ball soup in a New York deli, and I want to start sharing these moments with you, dear reader. I’m going to weave these tales into upcoming posts, along with photos and links. Check in from time to time to witness my tasty travels, and when you visit the same places I do, you can try some of my discoveries, and share your own recommendations with me!

It is my hope that you will live vicariously through these posts, but also take notice of your own singular taste-sensation moments. These are inspirations for what we can create in our own kitchens, as well as opportunities to tune into the tastes that we’re experiencing and link them to past tastes, memories, likes, dislikes, and desires – feedback that informs every cooking decision we make. The more taste experiences our tongues and minds have, the richer our palates, and our ability to build from this base.

I grant you your culinary passports, friends. Hop aboard, and let your tongue be your guide!

Out of Order

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Can you blame me?

Can you blame me?

As a newbie food blogger, it somehow never occurred to me that what I blog about will be inevitably linked to what I eat in any given week, especially if I want to have accompanying photos and/or do not already have a backlog of recipes and pictures poised for the posting (which I do not…yet). This left me in somewhat of a pickle, because I had put together notes and ideas for the items I wanted to showcase in the Mix-and-Match month of May, and, darnitall if I just didn’t want to make things in that order. I mean, all the main courses in one week? Oy. Now believe you me, I have a sensational mac and cheese recipe on the back burner for you, and a kickin’ chili just waiting to sizzle your taste buds, but, with the sun shining and the days getting longer, all I wanted to do was munch asparagus and gaze lovingly at the tiny sproutlets on my window sill, pushing out of the dirt, growing big and strong for my backyard garden.

And so, in the manner of someone still evolving into a new role, I am slightly altering my previous plan for the month. I intend to bring you a few dishes from each category just as promised, but I’m not going to do it in the format of one week of main dishes, followed by one week of starches, etc. We’re going to do a smattering of this, then a smattering of that, different meal-parts interspersed, and will end up with an excellent arsenal of recipes for you to choose from and make your own. Conveniently, all my recipes on this site are categorized by meal-part, so you can easily sort by main dishes, veggies, starches, desserts, etc.

Now let me get back to my sprout-watching. I kid! Back to the recipe-drawing board.

Cut me a little slack, friends. I’m learning.

Anchors Aweigh!

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Cheers!I launch you, dear blog, with a virtual bottle of Dom Perignon washing over your bow like a newly christened ship. The Grand Opening! The First Hurrah! Here begins Can Do Kitchen, my venture into culinary guidance. I strike forth on this delicious path with just a well-sharpened kitchen knife and my taste buds to guide me. And you, fair readers, fellow bloggers, chefs old and new, my foot soldiers, to keep me sharp, and plotted on the right course.

I’m very excited!!! Let’s get cooking!