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In Which I Move Across the Country and Make Salmon Cakes

Posted in Dinner, Fish, Food, Main Dish, Recipe, Travel on September 27th, 2010 by Audrey – 3 Comments

saucyHearken, kind reader, and travel with me back to August 25, the date when I originally penned this post and recipe, but for obvious reasons, am only now put-together enough to bring live.


As it stands now, Can Do Kitchen has no kitchen at all. I packed up my little horseshoe of a cook-space back in Portland, loaded it all into a trailer, hopped in a big red truck with DG and the kitty, and hauled it across This Great Nation. Discoveries of the journey include: Utah is beautiful! You can get a decent bagel in Laramie, Wyoming. Nebraska? Actually sort of hilly. Delicious BBQ joint on Main Street, Wyanet, Illinois. Everywhere you look: corn, corn, corn. Endless rolling acres of corn. read more »